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1971 Les Paul Low Impedance brochure cover
1971 Les Paul Low Impedance brochure page 2
1971 Les Paul Low Impedance brochure page 3
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1971 Les Paul Recording owners manual. Four pages, 11" x 8 1/2". This brochure is printed on a much heavier card than most previous publicity, and is full colour throughout.

Gibson launched the Les Paul Recording guitar in 1971, first listing it in the price list of June 26th, and shipping it primarily in the second half of that year. The Recording was based on the two low impedance models introduced two years earlier, which it replaced: the Les Paul Personal, and Les Paul Professional. These guitars all had very similar, but not especially simple electronics - this owners manual was essential for any user to get the best out of their new instrument.

It also offered set up (action) details, recommended strings and gave in depth details of the guitars construction and components.

The manual was printed in 1971, alongside a similar owners manual for the Triumph bass and a general publicity brochure for both instruments, entitled: Low Impedance for High Performance. This final brochure also included a flexi-disc allowing potential owners to listen to some of the wide range of sounds offered by the guitar.

As previously described, this guitar replaced the similar Les Paul Personal / Professional; likewise this manual replaces the Personal / Professional owners manual of 1969. Although they contain mostly the same information, this manual is vastly more attractive; a far better advert for what was Gibson's most Deluxe solid body at the time.

1971 Gibson Triumph bass owners manual
Gibson 1971 "Low Impedance for High Performance" brochure

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