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1971 Les Paul Low Impedance brochure cover
1971 Les Paul Low Impedance brochure page 2
1971 Les Paul Low Impedance brochure page 3
1971 Les Paul Low Impedance brochure page 4

1971 saw the launch of two new low impedance instruments: the Gibson Les Paul Recording guitar, and the Gibson Les Paul Triumph bass. The Triumph descended from the Les Paul bass introduced in 1969. The controls for the Les Paul Bass and the Triumph were basically the same - the only real difference (electrically speaking) is that the previous model required an external adaptor to work with high impedance amplifiers, whilst the Triumph had this circuitry (in the form of the hi/lo impedance switch) built into the controls of the guitar.

This brochure describes the bass' construction and details the controls. It also gives a recommended action, and suggests settings for rock, country and solo bass. Four pages, 11" x 8 1/2".

At the same time, Gibson printed a very similar owners manual for the Les Paul Recording guitar and promotional leaflet (with flexi disc) for both guitars, see: Low Impedance for High Performance. This flexi disc was then circulated in guitar player magazine in early 1972.

See also the 1969 Les Paul bass owners manual - this earlier manual contained much of the same information as in this brochure, but in a far less colourful form.

1971 Gibson Recording guitar owners manual
Gibson 1971 "Low Impedance for High Performance" brochure

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