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A New Bass for a New Pace - Gibson bass 1972 bass catalogue. Page 2. Details of the Gibson EB4L bass that was launched at the 1972 Summer NAMM show. This catalogue was produced in September of that year, for inclusion in the November/December issue of Guitar Player magazine. It is the first and only catalogue to feature the EB4L.

Like the other basses in this catalogue, it had a maple neck, and a thicker body; an altogether sturdier instrument than the EB basses of previous years.

Gibson's new basses feel fast and comfortable. And they make it easy for you to be yourself... to experiment, innovate and create your own thing. It's a free feeling freedom of expression that really lets your fingers do the talking

The launch price of the EB4L was $395 (US zone 1 price), but this rose to $420 in October of that year. Despite being listed in price lists as early as June 1972, availability was very limited, and only a handful of EB4L basses were actually shipped in 1972.

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1972 Gibson bass catalogue page 2 - Gibson EB4L bass

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