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The Basis for Basses - Gibson bass 1972 bass catalogue. Page 3. Details of the Gibson EB4L bass, continuing on from page 2. The EB4L was an attempt to combine the best features of the EB0 and EB3, enhancing them further with the latest in guitar design. It had the basic styling of the EB range, with the simplicity of controls of the EB0, but thanks to a clever pickup design, something approaching the tonal range of the EB3. Like the rest of the EB range it had a redesigned body and maple neck - sturdier and nowhere near as subsceptable to breaks and damage. On paper these must have seemed a very promising instrument.

This revolutionary new pickup design seperates the top two strings completely from the bottom two. You get more tonal response than ever, for a full, natural sound. And Gibson's new Super Humbucking Pickup design delivers more highs and "overtones" for a new sound thats packed with cutting power

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1972 Gibson bass catalogue page 3 - Gibson EB4L bass

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