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Gibson bass 1972 bass catalogue. page 4. Details of the newly designed Gibson EB3, EB3L, EB0 and EB0L bass guitars. There are some significant changes since the previous years versions (see the 1970 Gibson bass catalogue): a wider, maple neck (rather than mahogany); a solid headstock (previously slotted); the neck pickup has been repositioned towards the middle of the body, which is now thicker and heavier (an extra 1/8th of an inch at the nut, 3/16th thicker body)

1972 US zone 1 prices (June 1972, September 1972) were: EB0/ EB0L $365 (rising to $385 in October 1972); EB3 / EB3L $425 (rising to $450 in October 1972)

The shortscale versions, the EBO and EB3 are shown. Have a closer look at a 1972 EB0, a 1972 EB3 or a 1972 EB3L. Check out the soundclips too.

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1972 Gibson bass catalogue page 4

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