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Gibson bass 1972 bass catalogue. Page 5. Details of two new SG styled bass guitars, the short scale Gibson SB350 and the long scale Gibson SB450. Both shared the redesigned body dimensions of the other EB basses, but were intended for a lower price point; they were made of alder rather than mahogany, and were equipped with new design pickups, and scratchplate mounted controls.

The basses pictured in this catalogue have a thumbrest above the neck pickup - something not generally seen on the commercially available basses. The only finishes listed at this time were walnut and cherry - although natural finished SB basses were available in 1972, presumably slightly later, yet became the best selling of all three colours.

In tune with the times, the SB-450 \"turns on\" and speaks a contemporary language. Full rich bass and crisp treble response place this exciting instrument up front in quality performance

The SB-350 will be a constant companion to the beginning or advanced bass player who looks for quality at a modest price

1972 US zone 1 prices (June 1972, September 1972) were: SB-350 and SB-450 $289.50 (rising to $299.50 in October 1972)

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1972 Gibson bass catalogue page 5

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