1972 Gibson Bass Catalogue - 'The Bass Place'

Introducing the Gibson EB-4L bass

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1972 Gibson bass catalogue cover
1972 Gibson bass catalogue page 2
1972 Gibson bass catalogue page 3
1972 Gibson bass catalogue page 4
1972 Gibson bass catalogue page 5
1972 Gibson bass catalogue back cover

1972 Gibson bass brochure - single card sheet with two folds to create six panels. 8" x 9".

Gibson gets right down to the bass. Electric basses for every place, every sound, every style. This new line of solid bodies features the famous Gibson sound. Plus full creative flexibility that lets you speak your own personal language

The EB bass guitars had been very popular in the late 1960s, and when Norlin took over management of Gibson from CMI in late 1969 they immediately expanded the range (see the 1970 Gibson bass catalogue), then redesigned them in early 1972, with bulkier bodies, maple necks, repositioned pickups and a number of other changes.

The 1972 Gibson Bass Place catalogue demonstrated these new basses. It was printed in September 1972, and although available from Gibson, it was also included in the Nov/Dec 1972 copy of Guitar Player magazine. It introduces 3 new models: Gibson EB-4L and the SB-350/SB-450 as well demonstrates the most recent incarnations of the EB0 and EB3.

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Ariel Gray Comment left 29th October 2011 17:05:09 reply
Where can I buy this catalog?
vintage guitar and bass Comment left 29th October 2011 18:06:32 reply
This is one of the easier to find catalogues; it was included in the November / December 1972 issue of Guitar Player magazine; the one with rusty young on the front, playing a pedal steel guitar - so you can search for that. It can be removed, so you could check that it is still there before buying. Otherwise this one does come up from time to time on ebay in it's own right.