1972 Gibson solid bodies brochure, page 3

Second page of a double-page spread entitled solid body features. The guitar pictured is the Gibson SG Deluxe. The key to the labels is on the fold-out flap - page 4. There were several new neck features highlighted here - all introduced on Gibson solid bodies over the preceding months: three-piece laminate necks were aimed at reducing neck warps; these had gradually replaced single piece necks over the previous 2 years or so. Again the use of the volute was to add strength - in this case to the weak area behind the truss rod adjustment cavity. Volutes were common on maple necked Gibsons of the 1970s, but rarely seen in mahogany necked instruments.

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1972 Gibson solid bodies brochure - page 3

This brochure has another fold at the foot of this page, allowing the inclusion of a price list, or other dealer literature relating to the sale of Gibson solid bodies.

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