Gibson solidbody catalogue, 1972 - front cover

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1968 Gibson SG catalogue front cover

Gibson solidbody catalogue, 1972 - front cover, featuring Gibson SG Deluxe as featured on page 4.

Gibson launched a number of new SG models in 1971 which were modified versions of existing models. Four new models, the SG-Deluxe, SG-Pro, SG-100 and SG-200 were first included in price lists in June 1971, with the SG-250 being added to the range in November. The Deluxe and Pro were, in many ways, renamed SG Standard and SG Special, however the SGs 100, 200 and 250 were real attempts to capture the lower end of the guitar market. The SG Custom kept its name, despite some cosmetic changes from the previous years model.

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