Truss rod / laminated neck / pickguard

Gibson solid body electrics catalogue,1972 - page 11

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1972 Gibson SG catalogue page 11

This page (and the previous) detail some of the features of early 1970s Gibson SG series solid guitars: extolling the merits of the adjustable truss rod, the three-piece laminated neck, 90 degree neck pitch and elevated pick guard.

Gibson guitar necks are laminated for added strength. The grain of the outside pieces of wood run in the same direction, while the grain of the centre piece is reversed. This feature provides added strength and aids in the prevention of warping. Laminated necks are far superior to conventional spliced necks.

The entire content of this page also appears in Solid Bodies, Solid Sounds, which was a more general solid body guitar brochure, but also dated 1972.

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