1972 Gibson SG Custom

1972 'solid body electrics' catalogue - page 3

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Gibson solidbody catalogue, 1972 - page 3, SG Custom

Gibson 1972 electric solid body catalogue. page 3. Details of the Gibson SG Custom; available in walnut with gold plated hardware - it was the only SG not to be renamed in this catalogue. Despite this, there were some cosmetic changes from the previous 1970 SG custom specs. The scratchplate was no longer the white full-face guard, but now a half-sized raised guard below the pickups. These pickups could no longer be mounted into the pickguard and were therefore given surrounds like those used in the early to mid 1960s. The familiar lyre Maestro vibrola was replaced with a Bigsby. Another change that was evident on all SG guitars at this time was the font routed control panel, with potentiometers mounted on an external control plate. This saved production costs by allowing easy assembly of electrical components, and easy routing (pickup and control panel routs all on one side of the instrument). Guitars with these specifications were manufactured from mid 1971 until mid 1972.

At this time the SG Custom was listed at $565 (US zone 1 26/6/71)

The SG Custom with three powerful, humbucking pickups portrays a picture of tonal eloquence. The unique tonal capabilities permit the player to obtain the contemporary sounds of today with simplicity

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