1972 Gibson SG Pro

1972 'solid body electrics' catalogue - page 5

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1972 Gibson SG catalogue page 5 - Gibson SG Pro

Gibson 1972 solidbody catalogue. Page 5. Details of the Gibson SG Pro. The SG Pro was announced in June of 1971, and manufactured between mid 1971 and mid 1972. In many ways it was a renamed and redesigned SG Special which was dropped at the same time. Like the Special it came equipped with two P90s, and vibrola, but it also adopted some of the changes that were being introduced in many other Gibsons at the time; smaller raised pickguard (rather than full face), surrounds on humbuckers, Bigsby (rather than Maestro) vibrola, and front-routed control panel. It did get a bridge with individually intonatable saddles for the first time. Examine the 1970 spec Gibson SG Special for comparison.

Like the SG Deluxe, on the previous page, the SG Pro was available in three different translucent nitrocellulose finishes: Cherry, Walnut, and for the first time Natural Mahogany - this was the least shipped finish, only applied to a fraction over 10% of the SG Pros leaving the Kalamazoo plant.

US zone 1 price (26/6/71) for the SG Pro was $325, rising to $345 in the next price list (22/11/71).

An outstanding instrument capable of satisfying the most discriminate player. Easy access to the upper playing register makes the new SG Pro a favorite with guitarists who require the finest

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