1972 Gibson SG250

1972 'solid body electrics' catalogue - page 8

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1972 Gibson SG catalogue page 8

Details of three new Gibson guitars: the Gibson SG200 and Gibson SG250 (pictured). The SG100, 200 and 250 were introduced to replace the Melody Maker range in the middle of 1971 (actually the SG250 was the last of the trio announced); they only appeared in this one US catalogue, (but also other brochures worldwide - for example the 1971 Monzino brochure produced in Italy), and were in turn replaced by the SGI/SGII/SGIII by 1973. The SG200 and SG250 were effectively the same instrument save finish: guitars finished in Cherry or Walnut were designated SG200, those is Cherry Sunburst, SG250.

The SG-250 was first listed in the November 1971 price list at $279.50 (US zone 1 22/11/71), at which time the SG-200 was $259.50.

This exciting, new edition to the Gibson solid body series carries forth the tradition and playing performance found in higher priced models. The beautiful Cherry Sunburst finish highlights the many features found in this outstanding guitar

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