1973 Gibson Solid Bodies leaflet

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1973 Gibson solid bodies leaflet
1973 Gibson solid bodies leaflet

The 1973 Gibson solid body leaflet is just one side with a fold-over flap, and plain on the reverse. Two colour printing, 8 1/2" x 11". Includes five SG guitars: SG Custom, SG Standard, SG Special, SG I and SG II.

The solid body range had been completely overhauled in 1971 - with classic models like the Standard, Special and Melody Maker replaced by new versions of the same thing - becoming the SG Deluxe, SG Pro and SG100/SG200. Have a look at these models, and how they were presented in early 1972 here. But these were unsucessful, sold in smaller numbers than previous versions, and in less than a year later, discontinued.

So the 1973 range resurrected the Standard and Special, and introduced two new guitars, the SGI and SGII replacing the SG100 and 200.

Gibson's famous SG Standard is back, better than ever with revolutionary new Super Humbucking Pickups. The rhythm pickup delivers an extra clean sound while the lead has just enough "dirt" added to make it interesting

The Gibson solid body line of 1973 would go on to include the the L5-S and the SGIII.

This brochure was produced right at the beginning of 1973 (actually the first item of Gibson literature of 1973), and is the only printed promotional material for the US market to include the short-lived SG-I and SG-II guitars.

Click on either image for a closer look at each page.

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