1975 Les Paul catalogue - page 3

Low Impedance Pickups ; Peghead ; Fast Action Frets ; Control Panel

The Les Paul range was quite diverse in 1975 - although there were other periods in Gibson's history where a greater number of models were available, typically these were all variations on the same solid-body theme; in 1975 there were hollow bodies: the Les Paul Signature; guitars with experimental electronics: the Les Paul Recording; aswell as the traditional models such as the Les Paul Custom.

This page highlights key features of four Les Paul instruments. The low-impedance pickups of the Les Paul Recording and Les Paul Signature guitars, the inlaid headstock and fast action frets of the Les Paul Custom, and the advanced control panel of the Les Paul Recording and Triumph bass; The most advanced control panel of any guitar.

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1975 Gibson Les Paul catalogue page 3

LOW IMPEDANCE PICKUPS - The revolutionary new pickups put out an extra powerful signal while they actually reduce noise. And you can adjust them to lean forward or backward aswell as up or down.

PEGHEAD - Beautifully designed mother-of-pearl inlays and gold plated machine heads add an air of distinction to the distinctive Les Paul Custom guitar's peghead.

FAST ACTION FRETS - Gibson makes the fastest smoothest fingerboards of any guitar. In fact the Les Paul Custom's frets lie so low on the fingerboard, it's earned the nickname, "The Fretless Wonder".

CONTROL PANEL - The Les Paul Recording guitar has the most advanced control panel of any guitar. It actually let's you "mix" your own sound the way a recording studio engineer does.

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