Gibson Les Paul Recording guitar and Triumph bass

1975 Les Paul catalogue - page 6

Left hand page of a double page spread on the Les Paul Recording and Triumph bass - showing a close-up image of the LP Recording guitar, it's bridge, tailpiece and controls - as described on page 3 of this brochure - The most advanced control panel of any guitar.

The relative height of the stop tailpiece has a direct effect on string tension, and sustain; lowering it increases both, raising it reduces both. Although the 'harmonica' tune-o-matic bridge shown here allowed relatively large intonation adjustments, it's main flaw is in evidence in this image. The strings are actually touching the far edge of the bridge, preventing any further downward adjustment of the tailpiece, and risking string breaks. This is the precise situation that lead to the development of the top-adjust tune-o-matic a few years later.

Specifications for these guitars are reproduced on page 7.

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1975 Gibson Les Paul catalogue page 6 Les Paul Recording guitar and Triumph bass

The materials that make up a Gibson come from the world over - India, Alaska, Ceylon, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Kenya, Nigeria, Australia, British Honduras, Peru and more. And you'll find all these materials in just one instrument, But, that's how far we have to go to make the kind of instrument Gibson is world famous for.

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