Gibson Les Paul Deluxe and Les Paul Custom

1975 Les Paul catalogue - page 8

The back cover of the Gibson 1975 Les Paul brochure gave specifications for two well established guitars in the Les Paul line: the Les Paul Deluxe and Les Paul Custom, both (re)issued in the late 1960s.

1975 was not a bad year for the Les Paul Custom, with 7451 guitars shipped - this was not the case for the Deluxe, however; although 2561 guitars shipped, this was a third of 1974's total and quarter of 1973's. Although only Gold and Cherry Sunburst are listed here as finishg options, shipping stats suggest many other finishes were shipped this year (though sometimes in very small numbers): Blue Sparkle, Red Sparkle, Cherry, Natural, Tobacco Sunburst, Walnut and Wine Red.

January 1975 US prices for these models were: Les Paul Custom $710; Les Paul Deluxe $580.

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1975 Gibson Les Paul catalogue page 8 Les Paul Deluxe and Les Paul Custom

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Neal Williams Comment left 30th March 2019 19:07:21 reply
I have a 75 Wine Red LP Deluxe Serial Number 99 123088. Like many others of the time, I wanted a Standard, so we routed her out and I found a set of PAFs from and old and damaged 335 for her. (Her name is ANNIE, by the way)I switched out the tuners for the best Grovers of the time. I sold her in 81, and was blessed to buy her back 30 years later at almost 10 what I sold her for, but the friend who bought her never played her and she still had my sweat on her. Since then, I hated the sound of the PAFS, sold them and equipped Annie with Burstbucker 2 and 3 PUPS. I love this guitar!! Also, I know of one other owner of a 75 LP Deluxe Wine Red and it is NOT modified. A great guitar!