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1975 Gibson Les Paul catalogue

Brochure featuring Gibson's mid-70s Les Paul guitars and basses

Catalogue Index

  1975 Gibson Les Paul catalogue cover
1975 Gibson Les Paul catalogue page 2 1975 Gibson Les Paul catalogue page 3
1975 Gibson Les Paul catalogue page 4 1975 Gibson Les Paul catalogue page 5
1975 Gibson Les Paul catalogue page 6 1975 Gibson Les Paul catalogue page 7
1975 Gibson Les Paul catalogue page 8  

The 1975 Gibson Les Paul catalogue, 8 pages, full colour, measuring 11" x 7.5". The cover showed Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones playing a Les Paul Custom. This was the second time Gibson had produced a specific Les Paul catalogue (see the 1970 LP catalogue. It contained the following Les Paul guitars and basses. Click on the thumbnails or the model names below for a closer look at each catalogue page.

Les Paul Signature guitar
Les Paul Signature bass
Les Paul Recording guitar
Les Paul Triumph bass
Les Paul Deluxe
Les Paul Custom

It's hard to believe that some of today's most progressive, hard rock sounds are created on a guitar that was originally designed in 1952, before rock was even known as "rock and roll." The Les Paul Standard was introduced in 1952. followed by the Les Paul Custom in 1954. Today, these guitars are still unequalled for their superb sustaining power, brilliance and clear, penetrating tone. In fact, the Custom's low, fast action earned it the nickname, "The Fretless Wonder." And. of course, the more recent Les Paul Deluxe is already one of the most popular guitars in history.

The 1975 Gibson catalogue consisted of several brochures, each concentrating on a specific area.

1975 Gibson bass catalogue - electric basses1975 Gibson bass catalogue 1975 Gibson Electric Acoustics catalogue1975 Gibson Electric Acoustics catalogue
1975 Gibson Les Paul catalogue - Les Paul models1975 Gibson Les Paul catalogue 1975 Gibson electric solid bodies catalogue 1975 Gibson electric solid bodies catalogue
1975 Gibson thinline catalogue1975 Gibson thinline catalogue  
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william sedlar Comment left 2nd January 2012 21:09:59
this is the greatest picture of keith playing that black beauty les paul. I want this picture on my wall next to hendrix. Can you e-mail me and tell how to get it? The copy of magazine or whatever. Will wait for repley in santa fe, New Mexico. Keith is my hero. thankyou, William
sam Comment left 14th March 2012 07:07:40
i just got myself a gibson les paul deluxe goldtop 1970 model.and im proud to own a piece of history ,by far the best guitar ive ever played it felt like i had this guitar since day it was made,althought it was made 5 years before i was born,and it feel great the action the tone the wood the sustain forever basicly you can bend any note on that guitar anywhere on the neck and hold it there and it will sustain for as long as you want it to until you say ok stop. and the wood has this distingtive smell to it its smell like very old wood mahogany. i can only imagine what a gibson les paul 59 sound and feel like .it made me sound better and love to play it and feel great,it did open another door in my playing.wwwowowowowowowooooo. if you can find one get it quick and hold on to it guys.its out of this world. rock and roll forever.
pat Comment left 19th October 2012 09:09:03
I thought mine was a 75 custom. Mine is Tobacco burst but it doesn't show that color above. mine has made in usa stamped on it, it has a 6 digit serial number, sandwich body layer. 3 piece neck. waffer tuners.
vintage guitar and bass Comment left 19th October 2012 18:06:39
Hi Pat, the Les Paul shipping figures suggest that tobacco sunburst Les Pauls were available from 1972 and throughout the seventies. Although made for 1975, this catalogue was produced in late 1974. A number of finishes were also produced for the first time in 1975: natural, wine red and a Les Paul Custom with a rosewood top.

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