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Gibson 1975 bass catalogue. page 2. Introduction to the 1975 bass catalogue. Gibson is clearly proud of it's new bass range, with first-time catalogue appearances for the Ripper, Grabber and Les Paul Signature basses, all long scale, but very different in build, features and price point.

The Ripper had sold very well in 1974 with over 3500 instruments shipped:

Gibson's Ripper is one of today's most exciting new instruments. Immediately after its introduction, this bass became the choice of some of today’s most highly acclaimed artists.

The then brand-new entry level Gibson bass, the Grabber was very competetively priced and sold well in 1975:

...another superb new bass design. It’s full of flexibility so the artist can choose his own personal playing action as well as his personal sound with a patented sliding pickup.

The Les Paul Signature sold well (for it's price range) in 1974, but sales were appalling in every year since, despite it's obvious quality; the econmics of mid seventies America certainly favoured the cheaper solid body bass over the electronically superior hollow body.

...the Signature Bass is another favorite among recording musicians with features for both the studio guitarist and the studio engineer.

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1975 Gibson bass catalogue page 2

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