Gibson bass 1975 catalogue page 7

The Grabber and the EB3

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Gibson 1975 bass catalogue. Page 7. Right hand page of a double page spread on the Grabber and EB3 basses. This page shows the specs of the two basses.

The Grabber was the best selling bass of 1975, whilst sales of the EB3 were diminishing massively. In fact Gibson shipped around eight times as many Grabbers as EB3s in 1975. In many ways this page contrasts the 1960s Gibson bass with the 1970s: the mahogany bodied, short scale, boomy EB3 in it's cherry finish, versus the tonally cleaner, brighter Grabber, with it's long scale bolt-on neck and natural finish.

At the start of 1975 (1/1/1975) the EB3 was priced above the new Grabber and Ripper basses at $499, whilst the Grabber was a very reasonable $319 ($369 for wine red finish). As the year progressed, the EB3 dropped down to match the Ripper ($449 20/6/1975, $469 1/11/1975), with the Grabber only rising in price in November ($329/379 1/11/1975).

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1975 Gibson bass catalogue page 7 the Grabber and the EB3

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