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This Gibson bass catalogue was prepared in 1974 for circulation from early 1975. An eight page booklet measuring 7 1/2" x 11" and full-colour throughout.

The front cover featured Peter Cetera of Chicago playing the L9-S Ripper on the cover. The Ripper and Grabber were making their first appearances within a US Gibson catalogue. It was also the first time Gibson had specifically promoted a fretless bass model. The other basses included, with the exception of the EB-3, were also relatively new, with the Triumph bass making it's debut in 1971 and the Les Paul Signature in 1973. All in all, the bass line up had changed considerably since the previous bass catalogue "The Bass Place" of 1972.

The full bass line up for 1975 was as listed below. Click on the thumbnails for larger versions of each page, or click on the model names below to jump to the relevant page.

Ripper L9-S
EB3, Les Paul Triumph
Les Paul Signature

Gibson originated the violin shaped electric bass. And since that time Gibson has gone on to develop a complete range of basses to fit every variety of music played today

This catalogue was reprinted for 1976, slightly expanded (twelve pages instead of eight) to include the new G3 bass.

The 1975 Gibson catalogue consisted of several brochures, each concentrating on a specific area.

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