Gibson Byrdland and ES-175D

1975 Gibson Electric Acoustics catalogue - page 11

Gibson 1975 Custom Order & Electric Acoustics catalogue. Page 11. Details of the Gibson Byrdland and Gibson ES-175D electric acoustic guitar

Although many of the guitars listed in this segment were available only as custom order instruments from Gibson, the ES-175D was really one of their bread-and-butter models - whilst some models listed in this catalogue shipped in single figures most years, the ES-175 typically shipped in hundreds of units most years; hardly mass-produced, but available without a significant delay.

The previous time that Gibson had released segmented brochures listing the entire range (1970, The Byrdland had been placed in the Thinline brochure. Although it was a high-end artist acoustic, it did have a shallower body depth than the other 'jazz-boxes' included in the Electric Acoustics segment - though deeper than the other Electric Spanish thinlines. The comparative depths were ES-175: 3 3/8", Byrdland 2 3/4", ES-335 1 3/4".

1975 US zone 1 prices were as follows: Byrdland: $1199 rising to $1249 (1/11/1975); ES-175 $699 rising to $729 (1/11/1975)

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Gibson Byrdland and ES-175D - 1975 Gibson Electric Acoustics catalogue Page 11

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