Gibson Citation (2)

1975 Gibson Electric Acoustics catalogue - page 5

Gibson 1975 Custom Order & Electric Acoustics catalogue. Page 5, Gibson Citation - continued from page 4. See also other Citation catalogue appearances

This page, aswell as having amazing close ups of the very highly appointed Gibson Citation, also gives some insights as to why Gibson custom order instruments were so special, and why Gibson were, rightly, so proud... Note the mother of pearl fleur-de-lis headstock inlay and matching fleur-de-lis motif on the tuning keys.

Modern adhesives are available that dry solid in minutes. But Gibson still employs the same slowdrying adhesives that have proven with time to be the best. And in order to use these adhesives, we have to bind each assembly - the entire body, the fholes, the fingerboard and more. Then the instrument has to sit for an extended period of time while the adhesives dry. It takes a lot of extra time to put an instrument together this way. But every Gibson owner agrees, it's worth it.

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1975 Gibson Electric Acoustics catalogue Page 5

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