Gibson Johnny Smith

1975 Gibson Electric Acoustics catalogue page 9

Gibson 1975 Custom Order & Electric Acoustics catalogue. Page 9. The second page on a double page spread on the Gibson Johnny Smith electric acoustic guitar. The Johnny Smith was available as a single or dual pickup instrument, and with Sunburst or Natural (as pictured here) finish. All variants were fitted with gold plated hardware. Note that this is one of the last US catalogues that describes the guitar with it's full name 'Johnny Smith' - later the model name would be shortened to the JS, or JSD for the two pickup version (actually both names are used in the 1983 catalogue), with the 'Johnny Smith' tailpiece replaced by the Gibson 'instant adjustment' jazz tailpiece. Compare with the example pictured in the 1978 Gibson Quality / Prestige / Innovation catalogue.

1975 prices were as follows (US zone 1): Johnny Smith $1389, Johnny Smith D (double pickup) $1439.

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Gibson Johnny Smith - 1975 Gibson Electric Acoustics catalogue Page 9

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