Gibson 1975 solid body catalogue cover

Carlos Santana and the new L6-S

Gibson solid body 1975 solid body catalogue. The front cover features Carlos Santana playing one of the new L6-S guitars in natural finish. He says \"I think of a guitar as a color, but this L6-S is like a rainbow\".

1976 Gibson guitar advert for the L6-S, featuring latin rock legend Carlos Santana

This picture (or a cutout version thereof) was also used in the Santana Calls It his Rainbow advertisement, printed in guitar magazines circa 1976 (right).

This guitar would go on to be called the L6-S Custom (once the L6-S Deluxe was also launched - actually about the same time, or shortly after this brochure was first circulated), but at this point it was still, simply, the L6-S - see it in this catalogue on page 7.

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1968 Gibson solid body catalogue front cover

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