Gibson solid body 1975 catalogue page 3

Fingerboard Inlays ; Q System ; Three Humbucking Pickups ; Peghead

Gibson solid body 1975 solid body catalogue. Page 3. Some details from 4 solid body instruments. The abalone inlays of the L5-S, the Q-system of the L6-S, the three humbucker configuration of the SG Custom, and the v-style headstock of the Marauder

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1975 Gibson solid body catalogue page 3

FINGERBOARD INLAYS - The fingerboard of the L5-S is inlaid with beautiful, select abalone that gives this instrument an outstanding stage presence of it's own.

Q SYSTEM - The L6-S's Q System includes a six position tone switch plus tone, midrange and volume controls so the performer can tune in a special sound for every song.

THREE HUMBUCKING PICKUPS - Three "hot" Humbucking pickups make the SG Custom super sensitive to the slightest string vibration, and they offer an extra wide range of tonalities from the "lead" pickup to the "rhythm" pickup.

PEGHEAD - The Marauder features a refreshing peghead design that really captures the crowd's attention. And it's precision machine heads let you tune into perfect pitch quickly and easily.

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