Gibson L6-S Custom

1975 solid body catalogue - page 6

Gibson solid body 1975 solid body catalogue. Page 6. Left hand page of a double page spread on the L6-S Custom. This was not the first catalogue appearance of the L6-S (see the 1973 'Look ahead to Gibson' brochure which shows an early, pre-production version); but it is the first time a regular production model was shown. At this point this was the only model in the L6-S series (officially launched at any rate). This catalogue, despite being dated 1975 was actually prepared/printed in late 1974; the Custom designation was not applied until later in 1975 when the L6-S Deluxe was a regular part of the range. The Deluxe was first listed in the January 1975 Gibson price list, but didn't make a US catalogue itself until the Quality/Prestige/Innovation catalogue of 1978.

The January 1st 1975 Gibson price list gives the L6-S a price of $499, with the L6-S deluxe at $359-$409 depending on finish.

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1975 Gibson solid body catalogue page 6 L6-S

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