Gibson 1975 thinline catalogue - page 3

Vari-Tone Switch And Controls ; Tailpiece And Vibrola ; Double Cutaway And Thin Body ; Body Binding

Some details of the thinline series as a whole, and the features that made them special; specifically the Vari-tone switch, tailpiece and vibrola of the ES-355TDSV; a rather fetching example, with gold hardware and walnut finish, is used as to illustrate this page. Also highlighted are the double cutaway, thin body and binding of the series in general.

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1975 Gibson thinline catalogue page 3

VARI-TONE SWITCH AND CONTROLS - The six-position Vari-tone switch, plus separate volume and tone controls, give the artist a wide variety of sounds to choose from.

TAILPIECE AND VIBROLA - The ES-355TD-SV's tailpiece is highlighted with a beautifully engraved, gold plated cover. And the vibrola lets you "stretch" you notes into a whole new sound dimension.

DOUBLE CUTAWAY AND THIN BODY - The double cutaways and thin bodies of Gibson's ES series guitars makes these instruments comfortable to hold and play. It's easy to get at the highest notes, even for artists who like to grip the whole neck.

BODY BINDING - Gibson highlights the bodies of many of it's guitars with intricate binding with alternating black and white layers. It's one of the many fine points that add up to a beautiful instrument.

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