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The 1975 Gibson catalogue series was separated into individual brochures for each group of instruments (thinlines, solidbodies, basses etc) each with a Gibson endorsing star on the cover. Gibson had separated it's brochures like this once before in 1970, however the 1975 publications were bigger, glossier and far more appealing. The thinline brochure (containing semi-acoustic, hollow bodied guitars, typically under two inches thick) had blues legend BB King on the cover - he had been used in Gibson protional material for some time now - playing his favoured ES355TDSV; this was, of course, before the advent of his signature Lucille model in 1981. Read more about BB King and the ES-355.

But by 1975, the thinline range had been slimmed-down somewhat; the 1970 thinline brochure) had contained ten models, compared to just four in 1975. The ES335TD, ES345TD, and ES355TDSV were common to both catalogues, with the ES325TD, being one new model not previously shown.

Click on the images for full size versions, or click on the model names below for more about each instrument

Gibson ES-325TD
Gibson ES-335TD
Gibson ES-345TD
Gibson ES-355TDSV

The 1975 Gibson catalogue consisted of several brochures, each concentrating on a specific area.

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