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1978 Gibson Quality / Prestige / Innovation catalogue, page 16. Details of the ES-355TDSV and the then brand new ES-347TD. These were two high-end Gibson thinline models, both with all maple bodies and necks, including the maple centre block running internally along the length of the body. Furthermore both had a block-inlaid ebony fingerboard, and gold-plated hardware throughout. The main difference being the TP6 fixed tailpiece on the ES-347 and the stereo varitone circuitry on the ES-355.

In May 1978, the US price for the Gibson ES-355TDSV was $1149, but the ES-347TD was not even listed. Gibson regularly promoted new instruments before they were actually available. When the ES-347TD was first listed, January 1979, it had a price of $1069 (meanwhile the 355 had risen to $1229).

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1978 Gibson Quality / Prestige / Innovation catalogue page 16 - ES-355TDSV and ES-347TD

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