1978 'RD Series by Gibson' catalogue

Page 2 - introduction to the RD range of guitars

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1978 Gibson RD guitar and bass catalogue. Page 2 - introduction to the RD series guitars, and further details of the passive and active electronics, the pickups, and the on board effects - expansion, compression and bright modes.

Introduced in 1977, original RD Series development involving Gibson designers, luthiers, craftsmen, musicians and the electronic ingenuity available only from the technicians of Moog, was targeted at meeting the needs of the more sophisticated rock and country players looking to maximize their capabilities as musicians. To meet the needs of players looking for tonalities previously not available commercially. To offer "dynamic touch" control, never before available in a guitar. To offer "customized" features in power and frequency capabilities. The first Gibson solid body development effort to incorporate a 25" scale length with size, shape and density of materials chosen for their brightness, brilliance, sustain and comfort characteristics.

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1978 Gibson RD guitar and bass catalogue page 2 - introduction to the RD series guitars

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