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1980 Gibson guitar, bass and banjo catalogue, page 55

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Gibson 1980 guitar and bass catalogue. Page 55. Details of The "Paul" (Standard). This Les Paul variant is unusual in that it has a solid walnut body, rather than the typical maple-topped mahogany of the vast majority of Les Paul guitars produced previously.

But why the name? In 1980 Gibson were reorganising their "product alignment"; for years Gibson had offered different versions of guitars, generally named Deluxe/Standard/Custom (roughly equating to good/better/best). But for a while in the early 1980s, Gibson expanded this concept, creating three newly named series, (Professional, Firebrand and Sonex) each with the forementioned Deluxe/Standard/Custom models within. This meant that any instrument could theoretically have had nine distinct models. In actual fact this scheme was never fully realised, but it does explain the naming of some of the models over the next few pages.

The Firebrand series was characterised by a semi-gloss finish, and a price below $650. It is demonstrated over the next six pages with two versions each of the SG (Deluxe and Standard), "The Paul" (Deluxe and Standard), and 335S (Standard and Custom).

In July 1980, the US list price for "The Paul" Standard was $629.

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1980 Gibson guitar, bass and banjo catalogue - page 55 - The \"Paul\" (Standard)

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