Gibson 335-S Custom

1980 Gibson guitar, bass and banjo catalogue, page 57

Gibson 1980 guitar and bass catalogue. Page 57. Details of the new Gibson 335-S Custom. There were two other solid-body 335-S guitars in the 1980 Gibson catalogue: the 335-S Standard and the 335-S Deluxe that appeared earlier in the catalogue (page 28). The reason being that the Standard and Custom were in Gibsons Firebrand series (less expensive), whilst the Deluxe is in the Professional series (more expensive). All three models were launched in 1980, and this is their only appearance in a US Gibson catalogue.

In July 1980, the US list price for the 335S Custom was $599 (compared to $499 for the Standard, and $699 for the Deluxe).

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1980 Gibson guitar, bass and banjo catalogue - page 57 - 335-S Custom

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