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1980 Gibson guitar, bass and banjo catalogue, page 6

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Gibson 1980 guitar and bass catalogue. Page 6. Details of the Gibson Kalamazoo Award Model; an exquisite guitar, only briefly available. The Kalamazoo award was the top of the line electric acoustic model at this time, and as the name suggests, was built at Gibson's Kalamazoo plant in Michigan, USA. This was it's second and final catalogue inclusion (see the previous appearance on page 20 of the 1978 Quality/Prestige/Innovation catalogue) although it remained in Gibson price lists into the mid 1980s when the Kalamazoo plant ceased production.

Carved and hand graduated spruce top tuned to a precise pitch for maximum acoustical resonance

It's US list price (July 1980) was $2949 - an incredible price at the time, and $1000 more than the next most expensive model, the Super V CES, shown on the following page.

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1980 Gibson guitar, bass and banjo catalogue - page 6 - Kalamazoo Award Model

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