Gibson 335S Standard, Custom and Deluxe

1981 Gibson (Rosetti, UK) catalogue page 9

Details of the Gibson solid body versions of the ES-335TD semi acoustic, the Gibson 335S. Three models are shown, two from the 'Firebrand series': 335S Standard and Custom and one from the 'Professional series', the 335S Deluxe.

Traditionally Gibson guitars were produced with a 'good/better/best' alignment corresponding to Deluxe/Standard/Custom - as can be seen by the images and pricing here, the 335S goes Standard/Custom/Deluxe. So the Deluxe is a higher end guitar than the Custom? This relates to the 'series' that these guitars were placed in, with the 'Professional' series being above the 'Firebrands'. So technically a 'Professional series' Standard or Custom would have been above all of these guitars, had Gibson produced it. For a fuller review of this somewhat complicated situation see the article on Gibson early eighties product alignment here.

This was the only UK catalogue appearance of the 335S; the final US catalogue to include these models was a year earlier - the 1980. 1981 UK prices were: 335S Standard £489; 335S Custom £555; 335S Deluxe £629.

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1981 Gibson (Rosetti, UK) catalogue page 9 - Gibson 335S Standard, Custom and Deluxe

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