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1981 Gibson Sonex pre-owners manual - pages 2-3

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Pages 2-3 At the time of distribution of this folder (early summer 1981), the Sonex had only been in production for about a year, so describing it's story as a history was perhaps a little premature - and in this year the Sonex Standard had already been dropped from the line (it was not included in the April 1981 Gibson price list), yet it is mentioned here, presumably because dealers would still have it in stock.

The pickups/electronics of the Sonex models differ wildly from model to model, and are individually detailed in the specific model sheets contained in this folder. However, from the rich powerful sound of the Sonex Standard to the incredibly versatile pre-amped active sounds of the Sonex Artist, they are all "State of the Art" electronics.

1981 Gibson Sonex owners manual page 2
1981 Gibson Sonex owners manual page 3

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