1981 Gibson Victory MV Owners Manual

Pages 10-11 Design: the neck / headstock / fingerboard

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Pages 10-11 These pages describe many of the features of the Victory MV neck. The Victory MV guitar, unlike the Victory bass had a traditional Gibson set (glued in) neck, made of maple, just like the guitars body. The use of maple as a solid body/neck wood was very much a feature of seventies Gibson guitars, and the Victory series was one of the last to use this combination; 50s and 60s guitars were typically mahogany, with original specification reissues gaining popularity from the early eighties.

The Fretboard material was different on each of the models, that is Indian rosewood ("for warmth of tone") on the MVII and Madagascan ebony ("yielding the maximum in brilliance and sustain") for the MVX. Fretmarkers are pearl dots, but unusually for Gibson, offset (towards the bass side of the fretboard).

The Victory series headstock was of course based on the Gibson Firebird, but slightly smaller for improved balance both "visually and structurally".

1981 Gibson Victory MV Owners Manual page 10 1981 Gibson Victory MV Owners Manual page 11

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