1981 Gibson Victory MV Owners Manual

Pages 16-17 Victory MVX guitar control information

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Pages 16-17 Labelled diagram of the Victory MVX with a detailed explanation of the pickups, (right down to which coil is which!) and the guitars controls. No other Gibson manual goes into such detail, but then, perhaps the reason why this guitar was so special could easily be missed. The three pickups are a Magna Plus at the neck, a similar (but overwound) Magna Plus B at the bridge, and a Super Stack in the centre.

The five-way pickup selector switch allowed the operation of each pickup individually, or in twos (front + middle or back + middle). The selection of all three pickups simltaneously was not possible.

1981 Gibson Victory MV Owners Manual page 16 1981 Gibson Victory MV Owners Manual page 17

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