1981 Gibson Victory MV Owners Manual

Pages 22-23

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Pages 22-23 Continuing from pages 20-21, these pages describe the concept of intonation, and how to make adjustments with the new "top adjust" bridge design. This design also allows the easy replacement of saddles, and suggests the MV guitars are actually shipped with two sets of saddles, both nylon and brass.

The relative height of the stop tailpiece affects string tension and sustain. This page also describes the effect of raising and lowering this.

The tailpiece has been set to a median level at the factory. Lowering the tailpiece will increase response and sustain and yield a somewhat firmer action. Raising will give the opposite of these characteristics.

Note: Excessive lowering of the stop bar tailpiece may cause premature breakage of the strings. While chances of this are slight with the new top adjust "Tune-O-Matic" bridge, caution is encouraged

1981 Gibson Victory MV Owners Manual page 22 1981 Gibson Victory MV Owners Manual page 23

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