1981 Gibson Victory MV Owners Manual

Pages 8-9 Design: the body

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Pages 8-9 Page 8 contains the text related to the Victory MV body, underlining many of the features that make it special: styling, balance, pickup placement and of course the body wood itself.

The body material, eastern hardrock maple, is used for its mass and density characteristics. Mass and density of the wood yield two of the most desired musical characteristics by the contemporary guitarist; those of brilliance and sustain.

Like the Gibson Victory body, the neck is also hard rock maple; page 9 (with the now familiar reverse silhouette imagery) is the cover page for the section on the neck / headstock / fingerboard. Corresponding text follows on pages 10 and 11.

1981 Gibson Victory MV Owners Manual page 8 1981 Gibson Victory MV Owners Manual page 9

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