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1983 Gibson guitar and bass catalogue page 21

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Gibson 1983 guitar and bass catalogue. Page 21. Details of the Victory Standard Bass and the only US catalogue appearance of the Gibson Victory MVX electric guitar (with the exception of the loose-leaf Pre-owners manual from 1981. The Victory MV X shown is in a less-often seen Twighlight Blue finish, and is fitted with an even less-often seen (on the Victory series at least) tailpiece post-mounted Gibson Super Tune Vibrola, produced by Kahler.

Specifications appear on this page, with more general description, and the rationale of the series on the previous page.

Victory series represents Gibson's total commitment to the total player. These multi-voiced instruments combine sophisticated electronics with Gibson's proven neck designs to produce a myriad of percussive, harmonically complex sounds - the kind of biting presence required to make the grade in today's music. The Victory series represents a choice not a compromise.

The Victory MV series also included the MV-II at this time, though only the MV-X is mentioned here.

June 1983 list prices for the MV models models were: MV-II $799, MV-X $899, or $1099 with vibrola as shown here.

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1983 Gibson guitar and bass Guitar Catalogue Page 21 - Victory Standard Bass and Victory MV X Guitar

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