Les Paul Custom with Chrome Parts and Les Paul Deluxe

1983 Gibson guitar and bass catalogue page 9

Gibson 1983 guitar and bass catalogue. Page 9. Details of the Les Paul Custom with chrome parts and Les Paul Deluxe electric guitars. The Custom continues from the gold parts versions on page 8. The Custom with chrome hardware was available in a number of solid colours, including Silver, and bursts including the particularly nice Silverburst finish shown here - and not available on the gold-hardware LP Custom.

The Les Paul Deluxe, with mini-humbuckers, was available in Ebony and Wine Red, like all the Les Paul models shown so far, but also optionally Cherry Sunburst, or the classic Gold top.

The June 1983 price for the Les Paul Deluxe was $899 ($984 Custom finishes), whilst the Chrome-hardware Custom was $1049/$1134 - $50 cheaper than the Gold-hardware version.

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1983 Gibson guitar and bass catalogue page 9 - Les Paul Custom With Chrome Parts and Les Paul Deluxe

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