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1985 Gibson designer series

Publicity sheet detailing custom graphic finishes available on a range of Gibson guitars in 1984/85 - the Explorer, Explorer bass, Flying V and Invader

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The Gibson Designer Series flyer details a range of custom graphic designs available for the Flying V and Explorer guitars. The Artist Originals - irregular designs applied by an artist; and a range of geometric patterns - Gibson Custom Graphics. There are also two flag finishes - the Rebel Invader and Victory bass, and the Union Jack Explorer.

This was produced as a single sheet, printed on both sides. it is undated, but most likely hails from late 1984/early 1985. Click on the thumbnail images to find out more about the finishes themselves

These custom graphics were not especially successful, and were only included in Gibson price lists for a short period, starting in June 1984, which only details availablity of Artist Originals finishes (at $50 extra) or Custom Graphics (at $85 extra) for the Flying V and Explorer guitars. In January 1985, only the Custom Graphics were listed (still at an additional $85), but expanded to include the Invader guitar and Explorer bass. Finally, in the June 1985 price list, only the Explorer bass is mentioned as available with these graphics - in fact this is the one example of these guitars that is regularly seen in the used guitar market, and although shipping figures are not available, must have been produced in at least moderate numbers.

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