Gibson Melody Maker, Harmony H22 bass, Vox Ultrasonic
1969 Gibson Melody Maker guitarHarmony H22 bassVox Ultrasonic guitar, with built-in effects
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Gibson Stop Tailpiece

Without adjustment screws

This tailpiece was used in conjunction with tune-o-matic bridges on mostly solid body, but also some Electric Spanish guitars, from Les Pauls, and the ES-345TD in the 1950s, through Firebirds, SGs and, at some point or in some variation, just about every other major solid body guitar in the Gibson line ever since. As it was only ever a tailpiece, and never needed to move for intonation purposes it did not have the grub screws behind each post.

Desc. Part #
complete assembly
Part #
bar only
1965 nickel TPBR-80N TPBR-80N-A
gold TPBR-80G TPBR-80G-A
1971 nickel 81509 10135
gold 81510 10134
1977 chrome 81509 10135
gold 81510 10099
1981 not listed not listed

The part number for this bridge changed over the years, summarised in the table left - in 1950s literature it remained un-numbered. Naturally there has been some variation in this component over six decades, most obviously in plating: either nickel, gold or chrome.

List of Gibson guitar bridges and tailpieces

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