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Guild CE-100 Capri

electric acoustic guitar

Guild CE-100 description | 1967 Guild CE-100
1967 Guild Capri CE-100

A 1967 single-pickup Guild Capri CE-100

Similar Guilds
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Model CE-100 CE-100D

The 'D' was dropped at some point after the single pickup version was deleted.
Available 1956-73 1959-1984
Pickups One single coil pickup: initially a Franz soapbar, then briefly a DeArmond, before changing to a Guild humbucker in 1963. As the CE-100, but with two pickups. Additionally, new model Guild HB-1 pickups were fitted in the 1980s.
Body Maple top, back and sides. Width 16 3/8", length 20 1/4", depth 2 7/8"
Neck Three-piece mahogany laminate, changing to three-piece maple in the late 1970s. Rosewood fingerboard with block pearl inlays, Chesterfield inlay.
Scale 24 3/4", although the 1975 and 1978 Guild catalogue state a scale length of 25 5/8" - changing back to 24 3/4" for the 1982 Guild catalogue.
Hardware Harp tailpiece, rosewood bridge, Waverly, Grover StaTite or Japanese-made (no name) tuning keys.
Finishes Sunburst,
black (only 1956-58)

This was the first Guild to feature a Florentine cutaway. It is a full-depth body guitar, suitable for jazz and blues. It remained in the Guild catalogue continually, although changing a little over the course of it's production. Most of these changes were also evident in other Guild models; pickups changed throughout the decades (most notably to Guild humbuckers in 1963), the scale was lengthened for a few years in the 1970s, and the mahogany neck was switched to maple from 1976.

The most similar instrument to the Capri was the Gibson ES-125C (single pickup) or ES-125CD (double pickup). Both had approximately the same body dimensions, materials (depending on year), necks, scale (again, depending on year) and price.

The Epiphone Sorrento, ES-125T and Guild T-100 are again very similar, although thinline, rather than full body versions.

Prices in 1969 were as follows:

Guild CE-100$340
Gibson ES-125C$345
Guild T-100 (thinline)$255
Guild CE-100D$390
Gibson ES-125CD$395
Gibson ES-125TCD (thinline)$355
Guild T-100D (thinline)$310

Guild CE-100 / CE-100D catalogue appearances

Guild 1965 catalog1965 Guild catalogue
Dramatic performance in a highly versatile guitar - with rich, professional tone quality and excellence of workmanship at a moderate price. This old world style cut-away guitar has an ivoroid-bound maple body in medium-full size.

Guild 1973 catalog1971 Guild catalogue

Guild 1969 catalog1968 Guild catalogue
Has fast-action 3-ply mahogany neck with adjustable steel neck rod. Imported rosewood fingerboard is inlaid with pearloid position blocks and bound in ivoroid

Guild 1975 catalog1975 Guild catalogue
Clear, pure sound from every note on the fretboard, with a resonance you can feel as you play. Lyrically phrasing seems to flow naturally.

Guild 1969 catalog1969 Guild catalogue
The first full-colour Guild brochure shows the Capri in blonde finish

Guild 1978 catalog1978 Guild catalogue
The three-piece maple neck was first mentioned in this 1978 catalogue

Guild 1970 catalog1970 Guild catalogue

Guild 1982 catalog1982 Guild catalogue
Another prime example of affordable Guild quality in electric/acoustics. Double humbucking, chrome covered Guild HB-1 pickups.

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