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Guild S-25

Solid body electric guitar

The following text is taken from the 1982 Guild catalogue

Proof that there can be truly affordable American made instruments

Guild S-25 electric guitar S-25
manufactured: 1981-83
body: mahogany
neck: 24 frets, set neck
scale: 24 3/4"
overall length: 38 7/8"
width at nut: 1 5/8"
electronics/pickups: 2 Guild XR-7 pickups. One volume, one tone control. Coil tap or phase switch optional
hardware: SP-6 tailpiece adjusto-matic bridge
finishes: Sunburst, Candy Apple Red, Black

The Guild XR-7 pickups were designed to be switchable, "from humbucking power and distortion to single coil bite and clarity". This requires the optional coil tap switch, whilst the phase switch sets the two pickups are out of phase with each other. "Many players have told us also that they prefer the XR-7 without these options, for a more straight ahead, basic rock sound. The choice is yours". For more about the XR-7 pickups, see the 1982 Guild catalogue

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Vince Mangione Comment left 27th March 2015 09:09:50
hi, I have a guild s-25 sn LL100063 that I found to be a prototype year 81/82. What does it mean to have a prototype does this increase or decrease the value and what is the value. Thx, Vince
Brock Comment left 10th November 2015 10:10:10
First ax I ever owned. Bought one new in Akron OH in '82. Sold in NY around '87. would love to have one again for old times sake.
JAMES GLASS Comment left 30th November 2015 17:05:44
Litigate Mike Comment left 30th November 2015 17:05:50
I have an S25 which I dated to 1982. The finish is white, which is not listed as an option. Anybody else have a white one? Or could it be a special order? Thanks!
Mark Ant Comment left 11th February 2016 16:04:50
I own 2 S-25's. A 81 that's transparent brown an 83 that's black neither has the crown and staff inlay on the headstock. Just bought a 82 S-275 that's sunburst that does. There is always discrepancies between what the catalog says and what they produced. I collect Guilds and have seen several white S-25's and black as well. As far as value they are all over the place. I paid $125 for the 81 years ago I paid $450 for the 82 & 83 with original cases. Reverb price guide puts them at $350 to $550 based on good to mint original condition. If you want to sell the white one Mike let me know.
Jim Masters Comment left 21st June 2016 06:06:08
Mark Ant I have one for sale not sure what year it is. Pick ups have been upgraded to classic 57 and seth lover.

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