Hagstrom eight-string bass, Vox Cheetah semi acoustic guitar with built in effects, Gibson EB3 bass
Hagstrom H-8 eight-string bassVox CheetahGibson EB3
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Guild Guitar, Bass, and Amp List

Instruments manufactured by the Guild Guitar Company

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This weeks rig - WEM Dominator - Guild JS2 / Hagstrom Concord / Vox Symphonic
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Guild JS II bass
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'74 Guild JS 2
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Old Guild Bluesbird bass dating???
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Latest posts on Guild guitars at the VintageGuitar forum
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1970 Guild S-100 Polara - collectible or not?
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Guild Mark IV Classical
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1982 Guild Nova Question
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A real frankestein guild guitar?
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Guild Electric Guitars

Solid bodied guitars

Guild S-25
Guild S-50
Guild S-60
Guild S-70
Guild S-90
Guild S-100
Guild S-200
Guild S-250
Guild S-275
Guild S-300
Guild M-75 Bluesbird
Guild M-80
Guild X-79 Skyhawk
Guild X-79-3
Guild X-82 Nova

Thin-line electric acoustic guitars

Guild Starfire
Guild Starfire 1
Guild Starfire 2
Guild Starfire 3
Guild Starfire 4
Guild Starfire 5
Guild Starfire 6
Guild Starfire 12
Guild T-100
Guild DE-500
Guild M-65 Freshman

Electric acoustic guitars

Guild Artist Award
Guild CE-100
1967 Guild CE-100
Guild X-150
Guild X-170
Guild X-175 Manhattan
1953 Guild X-175
Guild X-350 Stratford
Guild X-500 Stuart

Guild Electric Basses, Acoustics and Amplifiers

Bass guitars

Guild Starfire Bass
1968 Guild Starfire I bass
Guild Jetstar Bass
Guild JS Bass
Guild B-301 Bass
Guild B-302 Bass
Guild M-85 Bluesbird Bass
Guild SB-201
Guild SB-202
Guild SB-203
Guild SB-502E
Guild X-701
Guild X-702

Flat-top guitars

Guild D-25 Bluegrass
Guild D-35 Bluegrass
Guild D-40-C Bluegrass Jubilee
Guild D-44 Bluegrass Jubilee
Guild D-50 Bluegrass Special
Guild D-55 TV Model
Guild F-20 Troubadour
Guild F-30 Aragon
Guild F-47 Bluegrass
Guild F-40 Valencia
Guild F-50 Navarre
Guild F-112 12 string
Guild F-212 12 string
Guild F-312 12 string
Guild F-412 12 string
Guild F-512 12 string
Guild M-20 Economy


Guild Maverick
Guild Quantum
   Quantum advertisements
Guild Thunderstar
Guild Thunderbird (bass)

Guild Resources

Guild Catalogues

Guild 1969 Electrics
Guild 1970 Electrics
Guild 1971 Electrics
Guild 1975 Electrics
Guild 1978 Electrics
Guild 1982 Electrics

Guild Advertising

Guild Advertising

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There are 2 comments on this article so far. Add your comment
Don Comment left 9th January 2013 21:09:15
Trying to find the current value of my Guild D25M acoustic guitar. Purchased new in the '70's. Ser. # is 190960. Any assistance offered would be sincerely appreciated.
Robert Faust Comment left 30th January 2015 20:08:25
I have a a 38 yr old Guild F 512NT that is in superb condition. How much is it worth and how much could i expect to sell it for? Your reply would be greatly appriciated.

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