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Guild B-302 bass

Solid body electric bass guitar

Guild B302F bass

The B-302 also came as a fretless bass - have a closer look at this 1978 B302F, and check out the soundclips

body: mahogany
neck: set 3-piece mahogany, with 20 fret rosewood fingerboard
scale: 34"
overall length: 46 1/4"
width at nut: 1 5/8"
electronics/pickups: two Guild single coil bass pickups, two volume and two tone controls, selector switch
hardware: BT-4 bridge
finishes: Sunburst, Cherry, Black, Walnut, Natural, White
manufactured: 1978-81
body: ash
neck: set 3-piece maple, with 20 fret rosewood fingerboard
scale: 34\
overall length: 46 1/4"
width at nut: 1 5/8"
electronics/pickups: two Guild single coil bass pickups, two volume and two tone controls, selector switch
hardware: BT-4 bridge
finishes: Sunburst, Blonde
1978 Guild electrics catalogue

Guild's first solid body guitar designs in the 1960s were fascinating and original instruments. Unfortunately the public didn't buy them sufficiently, and by the seventies Guild were making very similar instruments to rivals Gibson. The JS-1 and JS-2 basses took heavily from the Gibson EB0 and EB3, in look, parts, finish and construction

In the latter half of the seventies the SG shape was beginning to look old, and the fuller humbucker bass sound less desirable too. Guild came out with an original, innovative, and economic design. Stylistically, a mix of Fender and Rickenbacker with the set-neck mahogany build of a Gibson. And at the same time its also very much itself. The new single coil pickups and controls were mounted on the scratchplate allowing them to be preassembled before attaching to the body. New for Guild, but a technique employed by Fender from the beginning, and used increasingly ever since the the globalistaion of guitar manufacture in the late 60s and 70s.

The Guild B-302 was the two pickup version of the B-301 bass, and companion model to the S-300 guitar. The all mahogany B-302 first appeared on Guild price lists in late 1976, with the ash and maple version appearing in just under a year later.

The 1978 Guild electrics catalogue dedicates one internal page and the back cover to the B-301 and B-302

Late 1970s Guild single coil bass pickup

The B-301 was the first in Guild's new generation of solid body guitars and basses - so sucessful, we followed it with our double pick-up B-302.
Both have the long 34" (86.4cm) scale, wide frets and curved fingerboard that rock bassists are using. Plus a new bass pick-up. And a new solid brass bridge/tailpiece that gives you perfect intonation.

The new pickups were single coil units in black covers with two pole pieces per string. The B-300s were the first models to use them, but they appeared on numerous newer Guild basses (Guild X-701 and X-702, Guild SB-202 and the Guild SB-203 ) which replaced them in the early 1980s

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Guild B-302 - Guild B-302. Makes You Glad YouGuild B-302 - Guild B-302. Makes You Glad You're A Bass Player
The greatest bass we've ever built, with everything you want for the way you play today! Long-scale curved fingerboard. Wide frets. New solid brass bridge/tailpiece for perfect intonation. New doub...
Guild B-302 - David "Rook" Goldflies - the Allman Brothers Band / Guild B-302Guild B-302 - David "Rook" Goldflies - the Allman Brothers Band / Guild B-302
David plays a hard-driving, progressive style. "I like the feel of the B-302AF," he says. "The maple neck is well-proportioned, the balance is very good. and the weig...
Guild B-302 - Derek Holt. Climax Blues Band / Guild B-302Guild B-302 - Derek Holt. Climax Blues Band / Guild B-302
Derek Holt has been the solid, hard-driving bass player of the Climax Blues band since its early days. "My B-302 can take everything i give it", he says. "The neck an...


Guild B-302 wiring loomGuild B-302 wiring loom

The B-302 wiring loom, attached to the scratchplate.

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Toots Comment left 11th December 2013 15:03:22
I had a couple of these basses that I fell in LOVE wtih !! One of them, though, has an extra switch by the pick-up switch and the trust rod cover (model number) says B-302 S. can anybody tell me if they know what the "S" stands for on the model number !?? I have not seen another like it at all, could it be a rare edition B-302 ??
Vintage Guitar and Bass Comment left 11th December 2013 15:03:49
Does this guitar have stereo wiring? It was an option on the B-302 (see the relevant 1978 catalogue page here) although is by no means common. Certainly an interesting (and rare) variation of this bass.

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