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1978 Guild B-302F bass

Fretless version of the Guild B302 bass

Guild B302 main page | 1978 Guild B302F

1978 Guild B302F - front
Guild made some really nice bass guitars in the 1970s. And this is one of them; the fretless version of the Guild B302 bass in walnut finish. It has a mahogany body with a set three piece neck, also mahogany with a maple stripe, and an unfretted rosewood fingerboard. Unlike all older Guild basses, this was only available as a long scale (34") instrument. 1978 US price of $440. The quality of American guitars at this time is often brought into question, but this does not seem to have been a problem for Guild, this bass is certainly very well built, and very easy to play. One of the better vintage fretless bass guitars available.
1978 Guild B302F - bridge detail spacer 1978 Guild B302F - control detail spacer 1978 Guild B302F - pickup detail spacer 1978 Guild B302F - heel detail
The Guild B301/B302 basses had the solid brass, chrome-plated BT-4 bridge, a vast improvement on the older Hagstrom-made bridge spacer There are volume and tone controls for each pickup, aswell as a three-way pickup selector switch. spacer The bass is fitted with two Guild single coil eight-pole pickups; two poles for each string, "for even output". spacer Heel detail. The Guild B302 has a set (glued in) three-ply neck.
1978 Guild B302F - front of headstock detail spacer 1978 Guild B302F - reverse headstock detail spacer 1978 Guild B302F - spacer 1978 Guild B302F -
Headstock front with inlays; Guild logo and Chesterfield motif. The truss rod cover has the model designation, B-302F. spacer Reverse headstock detail; Schaller M4s tuning keys, with serial number stamped at the very top of the headstock. This dates this particular bass to 1978. spacer Body routes. The pickups are mounted to the base plates in the pickup routes, via two bolts that pass through the pickup itself. For a look at the wiring see Guild B302 electronics. spacer Guild mother-of-pearl headstock inlays - close up
1978 Guild B302F - case
1978 Guild B302F bass and blue-lined hard case. Note the Guild logo near the handle.
Model 1978 Guild B-302F
Pickups Two Guild eight pole single coil bass pickups.
Scale 34"
Body Mahogany body. 17 3/4" long, 14 1/4" wide, 1 3/8" thick. Overall length 46"
Neck Three piece; mahogany with a maple stripe, fretless. Rosewood fretboard. Width at nut 1 5/8"
Hardware 2 volume and 2 tone controls. Schaller M-4-S tuners, Guild BT-4 bass bridge
Weight 4.0kg
1978 Guild electrics catalogue

The Guild B302F, like the fretted version, was a long scale all-mahogany bass, with a three-piece set neck and rosewood fingerboard. The 1978 catalogue (left) describes the bass in detail, but also lists other options; stereo wiring and an ash body.

Have a listen to some soundclips of this bass through various vintage amplifiers here.

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