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Hagstrom started producing bass guitars in 1961, with the Hagstrom De Luxe bass. Numerous models followed over the next two decades, with most being bass versions of Hagstrom guitars: e.g. the Coronado was a bass version of the Corvette/Condor and the Concord was a bass version of the Viking. They were generally well-received, and Hagstrom continued to develop new ideas and models right though until 1981.

Today, reissues of the Swede bass and Concord are produced.

Bass guitars

Hagstrom FB
Hagstrom IIB / F400
Hagstrom Coronado IV
   1966 Hagstrom Coronado | Coronado sound clips
Hagstrom F800 / H8 8 string bass
Hagstrom F400N / HIIBN / HB 901
Hagstrom Concord
   1967 Hagstrom Concord | Concord sound clips
Hagstrom Swede

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